This Website is For Sale

If you’re looking for a website and brand for your Aerial Drone Photography business, the AerialGator brand and website is for sale.

This is an established website that is already ranking well in google for drone photography related searches in our area (ex. New Orleans drone photography).

The website also has extensive SEO work already done on it, because it was built by a search engine marketing consultant with 17 years of experience, who designed it to be his own business and did everything “right” in terms of search engine optimization and lead conversion. It has many content pages already created that target specific sectors in the drone photography space, and new ones can be added with ease.

Lead conversion is very important for any website to function as a selling tool, and was set up with converting leads as the number one priority. It features contact forms on every page and prominent display of the contact number. Goals are also tracked in Google Analytics.

Here is what you get:

  • AerialGator brand and logos.
  • website and domain name (transferred to your registrar and web host).
  • All content on website, including photos.
  • AerialGator Facebook and Instagram accounts including any content posted there.
  • Associated Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools accounts, as well as Google Places Business page.

Why are we selling it?
I got into this business thinking that there would be more interest in it than there is right now, and it just doesn’t produce the volume of leads necessary to make it worthwhile for me. My opinion is that I am a bit early to the field and most jobs are acquired by word of mouth and sales people right now.

How much traffic does the website get?
It is positioned very well in the search results, but there is just not enough search traffic for this niche to make it your only method of lead-gen. This website and brand are only going to be a worthwhile buy for someone starting a new business that wants a cheap and easy way to get their branding and website taken care of instantly (it was A LOT of work putting all of this together).

For existing drone photography businesses, this brand and website package would be a worthwhile investment if you are looking to re-brand your business or focus more on internet marketing.

If you are interested in purchasing the AerialGator brand and domain name, please contact or call 504-220-7418 and leave a message if there is no answer. Current asking price is $3,000.

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